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Naturalma® means the NEW – RESISTANT – STORABLE – GOOD – TASTY apple varieties of the Holland Alma Ltd. 

Download Brochure (English)Naturalma
®Club and variety description

Download Brochure (Romanian) - Naturalma®Club and variety description

The aim of the Naturalma® Programme:

To find new varieties that are competitive with the present cultivated varieties, new, good-shaped, storable and tasty varieties. To purchase the propagation rights of these varieties, apply them for variety protection, propagate them and establish a producers’ club, just as elaborate an effective nursery and consumer marketing system and operate it through the Naturalma Inc. Furthermore to help the producers bring the produced apples to the market as a branded product.

Naturalma® varieties:

Luna, resistant, apple, varietyLuna®: Scab-resistant, moderate tolerant to powdery mildew. It has a balanced sugar-acid rate (Brix 12.5). Diploid, extreme productive, brings fruits early. Tree growth and form are similar to the varieties of the Golden species. Picking time: between the beginning and the middle of October. Fruit can be stored under normal conditions until April – during storage it becomes yellow and gets a slight blush. Flesh is firm, juicy and crispy. Luna® is suitable for both integrated and ecological production.

Rozela, resistant, apple, varietyRozela®: Scab resistant and tolerant to powdery mildew. Diploid, brings heavy yield regularly, bears fruits early. Growth intensity is medium. Picking time: one week before the Golden delicious. Under normal storage conditions it can be stored until March. The fruit size is moderate or big. Surface attains 90 % attractive red blush over yellow ground colour with prominent lenticels. Flesh is firm, juicy and crispy, sweet with little acids and good aromatic flavour. Grower-friendly variety for organic fruit production, just as intensive growing system.

Orion, resistant, apple,varietyOrion®: Resistant to scab (Vf), tolerant to powdery mildew. Triploid, vigorous, spreading, needs pollinator (e.g. Rozela). Picking time is early October with Golden Delicious. Fruit is large, broad globose. Does not require fruit thinning, most fruits hang singly. Sometimes fruits are too large. It can be kept in natural storage until March. Fruit becomes yellow during storage, in case of over ripening becomes a slight blush. Flesh is yellow, firm, crisp, fine grained, very juicy, very good complex, distinctive flavour combining sweetness (Brix 16.1%) and tartness. Considered for both integrated and ecological production.

Red Topaz, resistant, apple, varietyRed Topaz®Resistant to scab and tolerant to mildew. A red and diploid mutant of the variety Topaz. Vigour is moderate. Brings early and regularly fruits. Picking time is a few days later than Golden D. In natural storage it can be kept until March. Fruit is medium-sized or large, globose. Almost 100% is covered with red colour. Flesh is yellow, firm, crispy, very tasty. The variety is considered for both integrated and ecological production.

Sirius, resistant, apple,varietySirius®Scab resistant. A tripolid, vigorous variety. Tree growth is similar to the Jonagold clones. Picking time is 1-2 weeks after Golden Delicious. Fruits hang on separated and are big. In natural storage it can be kept until April. Brings fruits early, there is no risk of alternation. Its medium-large sized fruits are globose and very attractive. Flesh is yellow, firm, fine grained, very juicy, high aromatic, its Brix-value is 14.7. The variety is considered for both integrated and ecological production.

Naturalma® Club system:
"What we have already done is that we have..."

- Recognized the situation – set a direction

- Established an innovation group

- Defined the aim

- Selected the varieties

- Signed the licence agreements for the new varieties

- Prepared a marketing and financial plan

- Established a model plantation

- Hand graftings in 2010

- Inoculations in 2010

- Branding innovation

- Organisation of the Club system

- Establishment of the Naturalma Inc.

- Popularized the new varieties in the professional press

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