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Holland Alma Ltd. Nursery, 
Energy and Forestry Nursery garden
Hungary-4375, Piricse, Rózsa Tanya
Hungary-3848, Csobád, Faiskola liget 

GPS coordinates: 47°45´10.96´´ ; 22°9´40.11´´

Central telephone: +36 42 280 388
Fax: +36 42 280 363
Central e-mail:

Péter Kávássy
Péter Kávássy
owner, managing director
Szabolcs Babicz
acting manager, production leader

Mobile: +36-30-278-1598

Ferenc Deák
Manager assistant

Mobile: +36-30-320-7605
Language: Hungarian, English 
Dr. Béla Cehla 
Manager assistant

Mobile: +36-30-320-7605
Language: Hungarian, English,Russian,Ukrainian



István Baráth
Naturalma project leader

Mobile: +36 30 278 1596
Language: Hungarian, English

Judit Gergely

Mobile: +36 30 915 6030
Language: Hungarian, English,German   


Dr. Marianna Sipos 
external relations, 

Mobile: 00 36 30 476 9091 
Language: Hungarian, English,German 

István Siklódi
sales representative in Romania               

Mobile:+36 30 605 5607 
Language: Hungarian, Romanian, English                


Judit Kónya Andrásné

Mobile:+36 30 945 2878

Krisztina Szabó

Mobile: +36-30-383-9310

Edit Mihaleczku

Mobile: +36-30-346-6436

hungary english german

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