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Company profile – Our philosophy

The Holland Alma Ltd. has been established in 1993 with the goal to be able to satisfy the propagation material in the region that were generated by the fruit orchard planting grants. In our centre in Piricse we have developed a whole nursery infrastructure. We employ about 35-40 full-time employees on our irrigated nursery area of approx. hundred hectares. The yearly volume of our propagations lays between 150-300.000 pieces of graftings. Beside this we produce several millions of forestry saplings each year.

After the planting grants have been terminated, our nursery had to be positioned on the market of graftings and forestry saplings. In 2005 we have started a significant innovation activity and as a result we have released our completely new project in 2007. As licensee we have started the propagation and commercialisation of Swedish energy willow varieties, and we have invested significant resources in the production technology research of these varieties. Today we have built up a willow production system with significant experience, references and market. We stay in connection with research institutes and universities, heat energy suppliers who are interested in renewable solid biomass, producers of biomass boilers, constructors of heating systems, just as application-preparing organisations in inland and abroad, as well. We provide our partners all-inclusive service in the field of production, marketing and utilisation of renewable solid biomass.

We have brought a separate innovation group within our company in 2009. Its main task is the elaboration of our new fruit production projects – to the analogue of our energy willow project. This activity has resulted in the Naturalma® Programme in the beginning of 2011. Under the aegis of Naturalma® we have purchased the propagation and commercialization licence rights of five resistant, attractive, delicious apple varieties with excellent storage capacity. We have executed the variety registration process of all varieties and we have started the propagations. From the autumn of 2011 the first graftings of these new varieties will be available for the members of the Naturalma® Club. We have started to inform the producers in November 2010. The marketing activity to reach the consumers will be started parallel to the production of the commodity fond in 2012. We aim to establish a brand with the new Naturalma® varieties, that can ensure the marketing safety of our apple producing partners in a long-term.

The Philosophy of the Holland Alma Ltd. that is realized in our energy willow and Naturalma® Programme sounds: „in harmony with the nature”. Our company executes and supports only such production activity, that can be planned and that is rentable for a long-time, just as that cares of the maintenance and recovery of the natural balance.

The team of Holland Alma Ltd.

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