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The nursery-production of the Holland Alma Ltd. covers almost all varieties of the in Hungary produced fruit species. For the production of the graftings we use self-produced virus-free plant material (rootstock and bud wood). You can find all species in our palette from apple to stone-fruits, berries. We propagate all in Hungary widespread varieties. You can get up-to-date detailed information on our palette and actual offer from our colleagues.


In contrast to the previous years, from 2011 the standard apple varieties will be available only upon separate long-term agreements. We have submitted our stock production and apple propagation capacity to the Naturalma® Programme and we will produce only the varieties in this project. Under the menu point “Our products / Naturalma®” you can find more detailed information.


Our varieties:



Idared, Florina, Freedom, Gála, Jonagold és Golden clones, Mutsu, Granny Smith …



Vilmos, Bosk Kobak …


Sweet cherry:

Linda, Margit, Katalin, Van, Germersdorfi3 …..


Sour cherry:

Újfehértói Fürtös, Debreceni Bőtermő, Érdi Bőtermő



Topend Plus, Cacanska Lepotica and other Cacanska varieties, Stanley, Besztercei clones, Bluefree, Prisdent



Magyar Kajszi C235, Gönci Magyar Kajszi ….



Redhaven, Babygold, Chamipon, Flavortop ….



Milotai 10, Alsószentiváni 117



Fertődi Zamatos



Jonkheer van Teets



F41 (Dyana)



Thornfree, Hull


Our palette on rootstocks: M9-M26-MM106-MM111, wild cherry, mirabolan, wild pear, Ba-29, nut seedling, black nut


There are further varieties in our own mother plantation. In case of a separate order we propagate and grow any in Europe available, legal variety.

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