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The Holland Alma Ltd. and its sales partner the Első-Metész Nursery Cooperative have been established in 1993. According to the europen standards today they have become dominant companies regarding the volume of the products, just as their quality.  We produce more hundred thousands of fruit trees, and several millions of forestry trees and energy willow cuttings as well at our production sites in both Piricse and Csobád.

Beside our premium category products, that are the Naturalma-varieties, we produce and sell commercial fruit varieties. Our energy willow varieties and the appropriate elaborated production technology are acknowledged in both Hungary and the neighbouring countries.

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The new, premium category disease-resistant and for table apple production suitable apple trees from Holland Alma Nursery are supported by the central financed marketing activity, further variety innovation and controlled market system of the Naturalma Inc.  Luna, Rozela, Orion, Red Topaz, Sirius.

Our energy forestry branch is the owner of licence rights for nine Swedish energy willow varieties. We have elaborated a complex service package for them. Production technology, planting permission processes, supporting system and market integration – all are included! Our own premises serve as public demonstration plantations as well.


In our forestry nursery garden we produce mainly acacia, oak and poplar trees. Beside these we also deal with the production of mixtures of different tree species that are used for planting of forests.


The Holland Alma Nursery produces all kinds of fruit species and varieties from apples to stone-fruits and nuts. For our propagations we use virus-free plant material from our own production; therefore our trees meet the requirements of grant applications.

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Naturalma a gyümölcs világában!
energiafuz_agro_naplo Látogatás a Fruchtwelt Bodenseen. Naturalma fajták közül a sárga színűeket Svájcban és Németországban Golden Sunshine Line néven márkázzák.
Naturalma - Kóstolták már?
energiafuz_agro_naplo Már több mint ezer termelő ismeri és kóstolta a Naturalmát. 2012.01./Agrárium
Séta az első Naturalma ültetvényekben!
energiafuz_agro_naplo Júniusban végigjáruk az első Naturalma ültetvényeket és a gazdák nyilatkoznak.

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